What makes Kibo different?


We strive to work with the best entrepreneurs, actively engaging with them, leveraging our broad and deep relationships with investors, corporates and professionals in many markets. We are proud to have amazing co-investors in both Europe and the US, but also in Asia…which means we like global-minded teams.

In addition, we are especially proud of the very close relationship with Telefónica, amongst other corporates. Portfolio companies get improved market access, technology and support in relevant key markets in Europe, Latam and Asia.

Our team combines industry experience as entrepreneurs, operators, financiers and C-level executives, which is complemented by the tech-savyness of our Operating Partners, focused in helping portfolio companies overcome tech, product and team scaling challenges to make execution happen.

We initially invest €1M to €2M with simple terms and process, business oriented mentality and go get them attitude, with the capacity to follow-on in the next rounds. Although we occasionally invest smaller and bigger amounts

Focus on entrepreneurs

  • Iñaki Berenguer

    Coverwallet CEO

  • Germán León

    Gestoos Founder

  • Carlos Pardo

    KDPOF Founder

  • Sergi Villaubí

    Apartum Founder

  • Marcos de la Cueva and Diego Goya

    Billin Founders

  • Ibrahim Jabary

    Gamelearn Founder

  • Diego Fernandez

    Iguama Founder

  • Anthony Douglas

    Hole19 Founder

  • Rodrigo Rodriguez

    Odilo Founder

  • Patrick Bales

    Stoyo Media Founder

  • Pedro Castillo

    Logtrust Founder

  • Noelia Amoedo

    Mediasmart Founder

  • Daniel Reina

    Tappx Founder

  • Ignasi Vilajosana

    Worldsensing Founder

  • Montse Medina and Eldar Sadikov

    Jetlore Founders

  • Sergio Álvarez
    and Javier de la Torre

    Carto Founders

  • Rebeca Minguela

    Blink Founder

  • Diego Mariño

    Ducksboard Founder

  • Gloria Molins

    Trip4Real Founder

  • Felipe Navio and
    Juan Urdiales

    Job&Talent Founders

  • David Maso and
    Adria Carulla

    Promofarma Founders

  • Elisenda Bou

    Vylinx Founders

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Data as of December 2019

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