/‘ɛnzʌɪm/ noun. “Protein which acts as catalyst to accelerate the transformation of molecules in living organisms. It is not consumed during the reaction and can drive change over and over. In some cases, they allow a reaction that would otherwise take millions of years to occur in milliseconds”


In a nutshell, enzymes accelerate transformation            

…and so do we at Nzyme

About us

The Nzyme is the Private Equity fund launched by Kibo Ventures with the mission of providing established businesses with the right tools to scale up.

Our team is comprised of complementary profiles, with deep expertise in Private Equity, Venture Capital, Data & Analytics, Strategy and Corporate Transformation. Our diverse backgrounds allow us to identify value potential leveraging on a comprehensive set of tools with a goal-oriented sustainability mindset.

We are supported by a unique strategic partnership with Oliver Wyman, providing arms-length support with institutional-grade, global resources.



Investment thesis

We catalyze change in established business to generate sustainable, tech-driven mid-caps

We acquire established business with positive EBITDA

We look for technology to play an important role in generating value

Out initial investment range is €10-20M, targeting to acquire control

We look for teams building global companies that leverage local development and operations, while scaling in bigger markets

We favor business services, software, consumer, industrial/manufacturing

We value sustainability and aspire to future-proof our companies

How we help

We offer companies a combination of traditional and innovative value creation levers to help them grow

Inorganic growth

We create champions that benefit from scale, selecting strategic acquisitions to become market leaders


We complement teams with experienced and strong professionals sourced from our differentiated networks

Efficiency & professionalization

We support automation, process redefinition, and marketing, and provide institutional door opening to improve margins


We leverage our venture capital background to identify opportunities for technology to enable growth

Advanced analytics

We use data and analytics to improve and standardize decision making and operations

Oliver Wyman partnership

Arms-length support by a global leader in management consulting with 65+ offices in 31 countries, 5,500 professionals worldwide, $2.5bn+ revenue annually and half of the top 500 global companies as clients
Institutional grade resources at Nzyme’s disposal:

Global partner network, providing portfolio companies with senior client introductions and access to corporates in Spain and internationally

Unparalleled access to top-tier talent through secondment programs and alumni network to complement portfolio companies’ teams

Unique connection to expert network across sectors that live at the forefront of their industries to support strategy setting

Full access to professional research services providing proprietary market insights to facilitate decision making



The Enzyme Fund is the Private Equity fund launched by Kibo Ventures with the mission of providing established businesses with the right tools to scale up.