Data-driven D2C brand creator


Stoyo Media is a social video platform that generates video content for social networks (primarily Facebook) achieving very high effectiveness for publishers and brands. Stoyo Media works with top notch publishers across the world such as National Geographic, Condenast, Viacom, Time Inc or Pro Sieben amongst others. Stoyo Media also works with brands creating branded content that gets distributed through the network of publishers, achieving 500MM reach for brands worldwide. Stoyo produces 1,000 social videos per month generating 1 billion views per month on Facebook alone. Stoyo’s success lies on its approach to generating video content based on data it extracts through its technology platform that crawls and understand the topics that are trending at any given time in social media. This enables them to generate a much higher effective rate (3x to 5x) in terms of views for Stoyo’s videos vs. other videos generated by the publishers themselves. Stoyo Media has a true expertise in generating social video that works on Facebook and this is allowing them to approach brands directly to generate branded content brands both in Germany and across Europe. Stoyo is based in Berlin and has clients both in Europe and in the US.


Patrick Bales, Markus Mohr

Year invested by Kibo