Aquilino Peña

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Aquilino has been connected to the tech ecosystem since the late 90s through multiple roles, from startup founder to big tech executive, business angel and VC investor, helping in more than 80 companies.

Prior to Kibo Ventures, Aquilino worked as Executive Director in several companies like Orange or WPP, part of the founding team of and head of its Spanish subsidiary (e-commerce in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Portugal and Spain, $70M+ funding by GP Investimentos and Warburg Pincus  among others, IPOed in 2004) and as Strategy Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group.

Aquilino holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a dual degree in Law and Business Administration from ICADE.

You can engage with Aquilino in a winery, a foodie joint, or mountaineering with friends. In fact, the name of Kibo was influenced Aquilino climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, where Kibo is the highest of the three volcanic cones of the African mountain. Kibo also means hope in Japanese, something which is often needed in the Venture Capital business.