Jose Manuel Gasalla

Managing Partner (Enzyme)

Jose Manuel Joined Kibo after several years of experience as entrepreneurs and business angel, in addition to strategy consulting and private equity.

He was Partner at Oliver Wyman’s Madrid Office, part of the Private Capital team and lead of the Data and Analytics team in Iberia. Since joining, Jose worked in the Jose worked in the transactions area (M&A, advisory and due diligence)
for large PEs, in the creation of advanced analytical tools and in the digitalization and transformation
of corporates. Before, he worked as Co-Founder of Odisea Capital (micro VC fund of funds), Co-founder & CEO of Design Labs (home automation and security), Managing Director in ACO Formación, and as a Comercial Director in Teldom Ingenieros.

He holds a M.Eng in Telecommunications by U.A.H., an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology as well as a Master in Corporate Finance by CUNEF. He is native in Spanish and English.

Jose Manuel loves to increase his skin in the game through angel investing in multiple startups such as Residelia (Proptech), Ecostars (ESG), Torpedo Sea (nautical services), and Hammersea (sports); and supporting other founders via Actua UPM university accelerator. In his free time, he tries to convince his wife and 3 sons to join him in his sailing, skiing and
diving adventures across the world.